Model Income Tax Excel Programme DDO Wise (1500 Employees in Single Excel File )  (Complete Updated on 18/02/2016 )- -Download

Model Incometax Individual (Updated on 18/02/2016) (PHC Update & CPS 80CCD (1B)

80CCD (IB)- Clarification

House Rent paid More than 1 lack, The landlord doesn't have PAN Declaration -Download

( If annual rent paid by the employee exceeds Rs 1,00,000 per annum, it is mandatory for the employee to report PAN of the landlord to the employer. In case the landlord does not have a PAN, a declaration to this effect from the landlord along with  the name and address of the landlord should be filed by the employee. as per
Para 5.3.9 of CBDT Circular No: 20/2015 Dt:02/12/2015 )

Pensioner Payment Details

Computation of income from house property- Download

Taxability of various components of salary - Download

Information for 80 CCD- Download

Deductions Under Chapter VIA- Download



Income Tax For the Financial Year 2013 -2014

Model Income Tax Programme Updated on 23-02-2014  

Model Income Tax Up to 1200 Employees at a time Updated on 23-02-2014 

Check Your Salary Details through online Using Treasury 


1.Our Incometax Excel Programme Fill in Main Sheet then Automatically Generated Required Forms.
Before Printing Use the Auto Filters { Cell L3 in SB, Cell V3 in Statement and Cell N8 in Form16 } Must be Select (Default Select 1, Blanks Non-Select) and then Enter OK Button. Then Take Print Out. This is Most important in our Programme. 

2. Any Other Arrears Fill in Row 19 & 20 in Statement Sheet

3. If Select CPS in Cell F22 in Main then Automatically Appeared taking CPS Employers Contribution    Cell L 14 in Main , Row 37 in SB & Row 43 in Form 16. The Amount is Deducted Under Section 80 CCD (2) Limit to 10% of (Pay + DA). But Not Sealing Rs: 100000/- Limit. (Testing income Tax Calculator) .

4. Housing Loan Taken in Between 01-04-2013 To 31-03--2014 (F.Y-2013--2014 ) . U/s 80EE The Deductable  Interest Rs:100000/- in Additional to 24B Income From House Property (1,50,000). Hence the Housing Loan Taken in the Financial Year  Deduction related to Interest UP to Rs : 2, 50,000 for Self Occupied Property. There is No Limit in Let out Property. (Testing income Tax Calculator) .



section 80CCE the aggregate amount of deduction under sections 80C, 80CCC and Section 80CCD(1) shall not exceed Rs.1,00,000/-. However the contribution made by the Central Government or any other employer to a pension scheme u/s 80CCD(2) shall be excluded from the limit of Rs.1,00,000/- provided under this Section. - Download

2. Rounded To Nearest Rs:10/- Download IT Circular with Examples

4. Income Tax Slabes , Rebate U/s 87A , 80U, 80DDB -Download

5. IT Circular Complete Download

6. Our IT Programme (All AP State Government Employee with RPS-2010 & UGC-2006 Applicable )- Download Update on 23/02/2014 (Housing Loan)

7. DDO wise Excell Programme ( This is Very Use full for MRCs, Other Offices UPTO 1200 Employees )- Download Update on 23/02/2014 (Housing Loan) (IKPET MRC)

8.Employee Salary Details (Check Your Salary Details through online)

Excel Programme for TDS Quarterly statement of deduction of Income Tax in respect of Salary

Model IT Quarterly Returns Excel Programme For the Financial Year-2012-2013 AY-2013-2014 (Up to Maximum 1000 Members)Down Load Updated on 13/06/2012 (Range  Password 123)

1.Bin detalis Sheet
a) Fill Bin Detals
First take Bindetails to the website
Take Total IT Amount deducted for the Month as per Reconsolation Register and then Check the Amount in the above Site
b) Fill to Office Information 
2. Fill Main Sheet the Relavant Columns and Correct Information
Then Check Remarks in Bin Details Sheet, The remarks of the Column is true The information is true Other wise Please Check and Correct Main Information in relavent Month
From Q1 to Q4 the Following Steps are follows 
1.First take Deducter Details  Quarterwise
2.Second take Challan details Quarterwise (Select Quarter in the  Cell M3 and then take details) 
3. Third take Annexure-1 month wise (Select Month in the cell O3 and then Select Filter Point in the Cell O13 -> Non select Blanks -> Enter OK Button -> then take details ) 
4. Fourth take Annexure-II details for Q4 only ( Select Filter Point in the Cell W5 -> Non select Blanks -> Enter OK Button -> then take details )